Additional Features

Additional Layer of Homeowner Protection:

Our generators are now equipped with telemetry capabilities. Should any of the important parameters such as engine temperature, oil pressure, current, frequency or even room temperature begin to approach unacceptable levels the unit will place a phone call to our office automatically reporting the problem.

Seamless Transitions While Exercising Under Full Load:

Our “In-Phase” Transition Switch allows the generator to start-up, assume the full load of powering your home, a short time later return the load to the outside utility and then shut down…all without disturbing computers, clocks or other electronics. (Some HDTV’s may require rebooting.) All switching between utility and generator is nominally undetectable.

Safety Features:

The controller has an automatic shutdown function. Should the unit exceed any preset parameters such as engine temperature, line current or even if the engine fails to start on the third try it will shut itself down and call our office to report the problem.

The unit is powered by a totally sealed storage battery so that there is no significant generation of hydrogen gas during recharging cycles.

Each unit is provided with both duel gas shut-off valves and an alarm should there be detectable amounts of fuel gas present.

Noise Attenuation and Design Features:

Engine and exhaust noise outside the home are undetectable from normal background noise at a distance of approximately 100 feet. The unit is not noticeable by even nearby neighbors.

The unit has a sound enclosure that makes it virtually undetectable from adjoining rooms within the home.

With 30 to 50 hours usage per year the unit uses less water than a typical home water softener.

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Phone: (888) 479-3450 Contact: Bruce Bechhold or Jay Menefee



Electrical Output: 240/120 volts AC, single phase/four lead
Capacity: 30kW@150 C Rise (standby)


Engine: General Motors 3 liter, Four Cylinder
Fuel: Natural Gas (Propane by request)
Power: Nominal 45 HP @ 1800 RPM