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You’ll have power inside, no matter what’s going on outside. When external power fails, your Wind River generator will run absolutely everything in your home, even some central air-conditioning systems.

Clean and Safe

Our unique engineering completely eliminates fumes, odors, smoke and high-temperature exhaust gases that other systems emit. It’s because Wind River generators combine clean-burning natural gas fuel with a marine-based engine, producing even less pollutants than your home heating system. In fact they are EPA certified.


Because Wind River’s new generators are so clean and safe, you can install them right in your utility room, next to your furnace or water heater, so the yard outside can stay clean and green and generator-free.


Using the most advanced technologies in sound attenuation, Wind River generators actually make less noise than many other things now in your home. Yet another way we help you sleep at night.


Within a few seconds of an outside power loss, you’ll have power completely restored, as the generator automatically turns on when needed and then, when reliable outside power returns, it automatically switches back, shuts itself down and readies itself for the next failure. And it even exercises itself on a predetermined schedule, automatically.

If you’re serious about never living without power in your home,
contact us at (888) 479-3450.